B/OSS represents the integration of Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operational Support Systems (OSS) within telecommunications companies. This convergence aims to streamline operations by bridging the gap between the business and operational sides of the telecom industry. B/OSS enables seamless data flow and processes across customer management, billing, service provisioning, network management, and maintenance functions. […]


BSS, or Business Support Systems, are the components that a telecommunications service provider uses to run its business.


Monetization refers to the process of converting something into revenue. In the context of telecommunications and digital services, it involves creating income streams through various means such as subscription fees, advertising, selling user data (with consent), or providing premium services. For telecom companies, monetization strategies can include offering bundled services, data plans, value-added services like […]


OSS, or Operational Support Systems, are the set of software tools that telecom companies use to monitor, control, analyze, and manage the technical operations of their network systems. These systems enable network inventory management, service provisioning, network configuration, fault management, and performance monitoring. OSS is crucial for ensuring the smooth operation of the telecom network, […]